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I'm a photographer based in the wonderfully "weird" Austin, TX. Photography has been my favorite art form, ever since a photography class I took in high school. Back then it was all film. Chemicals, enlargers, the darkroom....the works. People ask me what my favorite thing to shoot is. I'm not sure - I love it all. The emotions captured in the eyes, the texture from a person's wrinkles, the beautiful landscapes of the world, getting closeups of plants that make you wonder if you've entered another world, the delicious breakfast cooked up on a Sunday morning. What I love about photography is the ordinary and mundane can suddenly look mysterious, interesting, beautiful, or heart-wrenching. My goal is to share these perspectives and emotions with you through my eyes. Thanks for stopping by my website and I urge you to visit my blog where I document my client work as well as my personal adventures here in Austin, TX, our nation, and the world.

Questions? Send me a message by using the "Contact Me" link on the left or email me!
makisphotography [at] gmail [dot] com

Photo by Alex Ponce Photography

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